From the Past to the Future

End of May means for some of our students almost the end of their way in our school . With this activity we prepared them for the new way they will start in autumn, when they will move to a professional school where they will be prepared for a future job.
But how do we choose a future profession ? Where do we start?
When we are kids we start playing like diffrent nd maybe future jobs we might have like adults. We this activity we recalled our play like kids : doctor, teacher, seller, cook, mechanic , etc .
We discussed together what are the reasons for wishing to have a proffession : money, self esteem, self eficiency, satisfying our needs and desires , being able to have a family..
 We made an inventory of abilities necessary for what we would like to become and we tried to evaluate what abilities we have and what we should work on .
At the end of our activity we practiced on filling in data in a resume ( CV) , just to get familiar with it.


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