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Homless animals charity in SOS-W

On 12 December 2017 another Erasmus + assembly was held in our school. That time we focused on animal care and homless animals charity as part as our annual school project Winter Action .  During our meeting we were talking about the different ways to help abandoned animals, especially at winter time. Some of us handed in food and blankets we would take for dogs and cats in the animal shelter in Rybnik.     The results of the school SMOG art contest were announced too.    And the photos of our visit in the animal shelter in Rybnik.

Apple harvesting and pressing

We have now completed a project on loal production of food. We have been involved in harvesting, production and sales. We have picked the apples in a local park. Then they are squeezed to juice at Fonte Verdi Fruit Pressery in Molde. Big thanks to the holder Ton Hazes that is so generous and invited us to come and press apples with him. Link to website: We learn about: - To utilize local produce? (low transport = low emissions) - Choose healthy, good ingredients? (100% natural without additives) - work for less food waste? (we utilize resources that otherwise had not been used) Finally, the product was sold at a local Christmas market that the school arranged. There we had a separate Erasmus department. So this is a healthy, locally produced product. Harvesting apples Delivery at the fruit pressery Pressing Tapping Finishing of the box with our own label Then w

Christmas ecological workshops for parents and eco contest in SOS-W

On 8th December 2017, a group of our parents were involved in school Christmas Floristy Workshops "Christmas decorations made from natural materials" . They used i.a. pine-cones, bark or moss to create various awesome Christmas decorations.   But, we  took part in the workshops organised in our school common room. Our task was to make  Christmas floral table decorations too. Additionally, some of us participated in the school Christmas contest "Eco angel and eco Christmas tree" .We all had a great time together!