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Healthy hello from SOS-W

Swedens students wanted to make more active brakes, one thing is no mobile phones at school and the other is making the playground outside funnier -  so we decided to make an action path. The path not all ready yet, it was raining a lot this spring and summer, but it will be ready when the weather is better!!!

A 16 - Ecological footprint:

On the website of „Brot für die Welt“ (, students measure their ecological footprint and receive results for „living“, „food“, „consumption“ and „mobility“. Afterwards they receive ways to optimize their behaviour.

A 15 - Nutrition information
Class 10 compared the sugar level of several popular drinks and tried to point out, how much sugar these drinks contain.

A 14 - room of silence
Noise and arguments disturb many days in School. Class E 6/7 built a "room of silence" in which silence is the base for a healthy me. By reducing noises students should be aware of the negative effects of loudness. It shall help to get in touch with other students by respecting "silent" ways of communication.

A 13 . Growing alone – living alone
As many of our older students will soon leave school, and many will soon live in their own flat, we discussed this topic in lessons. The students learned to read apartment listings and search them on the internet.

A 12 - Healthy food – healthy Living in Germany
Classes 10 travelled to Austria – skiing. To be fully prepared, the learned to calculate recipes, create shopping lists, managed shopping and trained to cook. Other classes as well participated in healthy cooking.

Stay fit
All students of our school participated in a sports festival. In several disciplines students had the chance to enjoy movement and compare their abilities to the ones of other schools. Students had to run short and long distances, throw balls, jump or participate in fun games such as water transport.