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What tastes best?

What tastes best? Food which is fresh, or food expired on date?   Written by Marco, Sara, Camilla and Kristupas   We made a test for everyone at school. Those who participated in the test did not know which food items who was fresh or expired on date. This is the food items we tested: Carrot, egg, potato chips, yogurt, soda, juice, chewing gum, banana, milk and cheese. This is what we found: Almost 50% said that fresh food and food expired on date tasted the same. 20 % said that food expired on date tested best. 30 % said that fresh food tested best.     Prepering for testing yogurt.    Potato chips.      Cheese.   Orangejuice.    Drinking cocoa.   Food testing.   We made a test paper.       Testing fresh food/food expired on date.                                                                             We were interviewed by a journalist and came in the local newspaper.