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BEE Day in SOS-W

On 18th June 2018, the last in the school year 2018/2019 eco meeting took place. That time we met a beekeeper and we were presented a lot of interesting facts about the life of bees. We saw the queen bee and worker bees. We realised that  bees are very important to the environment. We also learned about the beekeeper's job and some of us tried on bee protective clothing. Finally, we tasted some honey and learne d about its different types as well as healing properties.  

Second Hand Shop

Is it possible to shop without money? Yes it is, we have done it :) Last Thursday we had a Second Hand Shop at school. Many had delivered clothes and outfits they wouldn`t spend anymore, and we arranged a shop where they could find something new. Everyone got patches that they used instead of money. There were many who found something new they wanted to bring home. In this way we can save the environment. FUNFACT: If all Norwegians switched three garments a year, instead of buying new, we would cut as much CO2 as if all car owners in Norway left the car for five days. WOW.

Erasmus+ tree plantig in SOS-W

The first part of our project came to an end ... and on 30 th May 2018 we planted our Erasmus + tree in our school garden. It was a rowan tree.