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Students travel in Europe

Fantastic experiences in Chech Republic
In november teachers and students from seven countries went to Ostrava for one weeks experiences. A week full of new friendship, knowledge, tastes, languages and cultures. Thank you all teachers and students in Ostrava who gave us the opportunity to taste a small bit of your country and workday. 
Here is a short trailer from the Swedish students` point of wiew. 

Teacher training course "Creative recycling" in SOS-W

On 22nd November 2017, our teachers attended a training course "How to create something from nothing? Creative recycling as a supportive activity in child's manual ability development".


Finally we have results of our logo contest: most votes got the logo design from Norway - but for the first five places it was very tight.

A big thank you to all those who submitted their propositions.

SMOG in Rybnik

On 10 November 2017 we participated in another ecological school assembly titled "SMOG".
We saw a performance and a short ecological film, then answered the questions e.g. What are the main causes of air pollution? or How SMOG affects our health? We learnt how to monitor the quality of air pollution in Rybnik using one of the Internet applications. We were also invited to take part in  the school  art contest titled "SMOG Effects".

School trip to Bread Cottage for students from SOS-W

On 7th November 2017 we went for a school trip to the Bread Cottage situated in Górki Wielkie. The Bread Cottage is an old wooden cottage in which you can see and feel how the life looked like in the past. There is a very nice kitchen with old furniture and traditional kitchen equipment. After a short presentation, we were asked to help a lady make a big loaf of bread and butter using traditional wooden tools. We had a fantastic lesson on apiculture/bee-keeping. We tasted the honey of the highest quality and the home-made cottage cheese . We were also shown very old agricultural equipment and machinery in a big shed.

Sweden ”What´s behind our school”

What´s behind our school
We worked with the animals in the surrounding area around our school. The pupils had to choose which animal they wanted to learn more about. The pupils got research around the animal, and many of them chose birds and insects. They found out how they grow up, how they winter and what kind of living they prefer. Those who chose birds and insects were then commissioned to make bird and insect caves. They found out what kind of hatch their bird / insect would like to live in, count on the usage of materials and how to set up the hole without damaging the "host tree".

An example of text about an animal near our school:

Cat Owl
Kattuggla is called Cat Owl in english, and is found in almost all of Europe, including the forest outside the school. The cat owl gets about 3 kids each year and is very beautiful. The cat owl is not a migratory bird. The cat's owl is not endangered. The cat owl eats whole mice and rats. Cat Owl

When the students were finished, they…

Interactive city game around Rybnik

It was a sunny day, we all  left our school early in the morning and took a long walk in our city centre. Our teachers created the interesting interactive city game called "The walk around my town" (Actioundbound application) for us. First, we were given instructions and tablets. Then, we went sightseeing. All the time we were reading the hints in the game (maps, pictures etc). Each time  we got the place we had to answer questions, find something, make a short film or do other challenging activities.The group with the highest score was the winner. We learnt a lot - Rybnik is beautiful! We had fun!