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Swedens students wanted to make more active brakes, one thing is no mobile phones at school and the other is making the playground outside funnier -  so we decided to make an action path. The path not all ready yet, it was raining a lot this spring and summer, but it will be ready when the weather is better!!!

A 16 - Ecological footprint:

On the website of „Brot für die Welt“ (, students measure their ecological footprint and receive results for „living“, „food“, „consumption“ and „mobility“. Afterwards they receive ways to optimize their behaviour.

A 15 - Nutrition information
Class 10 compared the sugar level of several popular drinks and tried to point out, how much sugar these drinks contain.

A 14 - room of silence
Noise and arguments disturb many days in School. Class E 6/7 built a "room of silence" in which silence is the base for a healthy me. By reducing noises students should be aware of the negative effects of loudness. It shall help to get in touch with other students by respecting "silent" ways of communication.

A 13 . Growing alone – living alone
As many of our older students will soon leave school, and many will soon live in their own flat, we discussed this topic in lessons. The students learned to read apartment listings and search them on the internet.

A 12 - Healthy food – healthy Living in Germany
Classes 10 travelled to Austria – skiing. To be fully prepared, the learned to calculate recipes, create shopping lists, managed shopping and trained to cook. Other classes as well participated in healthy cooking.

Stay fit
All students of our school participated in a sports festival. In several disciplines students had the chance to enjoy movement and compare their abilities to the ones of other schools. Students had to run short and long distances, throw balls, jump or participate in fun games such as water transport.

A 7 - The Ruhr area in Germany
In the Ruhr area a lot of cole mines closed within the last years / decades. Many chances for employment vanished and the whole area has to be restructured. Several classes visited former cole mines in Dorsten, Essen and the museum of mining in Bochum.

A6 - School garden before and after
The school was equipped with garden material and a small garden was created. Our goal is to plant regional vegetables.

The students learn about their own health. Which diet is good for health and what activities are good
for the body. The students have participated in a regional activity program: Stikk Ut

Get out!is a program where we find trip destinations and it is about doing the trip and finding a code we find there.When we have collected at least 7 codes we get a premium.The program has become very popular in our district and is used by all ages.

We care about our Planet - footprints

On 5 of June we clelebrate Environment Day!
On this occasion  we thought that the best is to celebrate by doing - so we went to clean places around the city.
Here we are !!

From the Past to the Future

End of May means for some of our students almost the end of their way in our school . With this activity we prepared them for the new way they will start in autumn, when they will move to a professional school where they will be prepared for a future job.
But how do we choose a future profession ? Where do we start?
When we are kids we start playing like diffrent nd maybe future jobs we might have like adults. We this activity we recalled our play like kids : doctor, teacher, seller, cook, mechanic , etc .
We discussed together what are the reasons for wishing to have a proffession : money, self esteem, self eficiency, satisfying our needs and desires , being able to have a family..
 We made an inventory of abilities necessary for what we would like to become and we tried to evaluate what abilities we have and what we should work on .
At the end of our activity we practiced on filling in data in a resume ( CV) , just to get familiar with it.

The Big Erasmus+-Final! Sweden went out on a canoe-trip to try our skills about taking care of ourselves in different tough situations and take care of each other when life is tough. Also try to eat the food we had been drying at school, sleep in the tents or just on the ground. 

Here is a short film from our adventure!

Our recipes


Emotions - mine , yours, ours

What is an emotion and how can we label it ? Sometimes we feel something and we cannot decribe it exactly or sometimes we care too much about our emotions and we neglect the ones of our collegues, friends or family .
We learned about emotions together in our school ~

Footprints Sweden


Footprints Sweden

Environmental week Sweden In Bålsta we have en environmental week from May 17-27 with workshops, lectures and a lot of special  knowledge.  Unfortunately we participate in those activities in different ways to make "Footprints on earth" according to the project. . We´ve already been working a lot with this subject and want to share some interesting websites with all of you. We will present some of the things we are going to do and experience next week, so this is a teaser from Sweden to all of our friends in the project!

We care about our money

Money , money, money , must be funny in a rich man;s world !!
So how to make it funny ? maybe start with learning about money ..
What are the money?Do we all have the same money ? Is money, value ??
Within the Erasmus + project , they had the chance to learn more about money, bank , credit cards and loans.
We sold and bought , we were visiting a bank where we got explanations and learned how to use a card and we have learned what traps we must avoid when taking a loan.

Here is our activity


Healthy lifestyle

Following the activity where we discussed about what is health/healthy ,on 27 and 28 of February 2019 our students cooked together with their teachers .
First they have been choosing from cooking books receipes , then they made a list for shoppings , they went shopping and they cooked.
 Of course , at the end they enjoyed the results of their work together with their collegues .
What did they prepare ?
Bruschette  with tomatoes
Rice noddles with vegetables
Desert with fruits and celery and nuts

And here they are ..hardly working and super enjoying !!

Following the activity where we discussed about what is health/healthy ,on 27 and 28 of February 2019 our students cooked together with their teachers . First they have been choosing from cooking books recipiess , then they made a list for shopping  , they went shopping and they cooked. Of course , at the end they enjoyed the results of their work together with their collegueas .